How to Change a Battery for an iPod Classic

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While the iPod Touch is Apple's flagship MP3 player as of 2011, the iPod Classic offers unique options for potential users. The iPod Classic sticks to the same form factor as the iPod Video and other older iPods, but it also features larger storage and a lower price. If you need to switch out the battery on your iPod Classic, it only requires some basic knowledge of your iPod's internal components.

Apply light pressure to the iPod's case with your hand and use the wedge to create an opening between the front and back portions of the iPod chassis. Once the wedge is inserted, work it around the perimeter of the chassis. This will dislodge the hinges that hold the iPod together, allowing you to gain access to the iPod's internal components.

Separate the iPod's top cover and locate the battery's connection cable. The battery will be a large blue brick mounted on the back of the iPod.

Unplug the battery from the iPod. The battery's ribbon cable will be attached to a small connector near the iPod's 32-pin connector. Use a pair of tweezers or your hands to carefully remove the ribbon cable.

Remove the battery from the iPod and place aside.

Take your replacement battery and place it into the same spot. Attach the new battery's ribbon cable into the same connector. Once you are finished, reattach the front and back portions of the iPod. Apply light pressure around the perimeter of the chassis to reattach the case locks --- when you hear a loud clicking sound, you will know that it's firmly attached.

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