How to Address a Letter With C/O

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Sometimes you're afforded the direct home address of the person you'd like to write to. At other times, you'll have to send a letter to a more public place, such as an office or hotel, in hopes of reaching that person. By addressing the letter properly, you can help ensure that it ends up in the right hands.

Write the recipient's name in the first address line. Be sure to spell out any abbreviations for clarity.

Express care of in the next address line by first writing out "Care of". Although the abbreviation "c/o" is commonly used, it can sometimes mimic a percentage mark and cause confusion. Your best bet is to spell out the words.

Write the name of the company, hotel or person whose address the recipient is using following "Care of". For example, if you're sending a note to a friend at the Bug Corporation, you'd write "Care of Bug Corporation".

Place the street address in the next address line. Save the city, state and zip code for the final address line.