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How to Address an Envelope With an Attention Line

Updated March 23, 2017

If you wish your document to reach a specific person or department, you must specify the recipient on both the envelope and document. The "attention" line specifies the desired recipient, but you can't place it anywhere you please. There are formalities associated with addressing an envelope, and adhering to these formalities ensures your envelope will appear professional and the document will reach the intended person or department.

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  1. Determine the appropriate recipient of the document. The recipient can be a department or individual.

  2. Write "Attention:" above the recipient's address but below the name of the company or department.

  3. Write the name of the recipient immediately following the attention line. The correct format would appear as follows:

  4. The John Smith Foundation

  5. Attention: John Smith

  6. The John Smith Building

  7. 165 John Smith Way, California 55555

  8. Tip

    Include titles if necessary, such as "Dr." and "Mrs." Instead of writing "Attention," you can write "ATTN" as well. Avoid including multiple people in an attention line. Send separate letters instead.

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