How Do I Change Contacts in a British Passport?

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Updating your British passport information to identify next of kin is vital help for the emergency services in the event you experience illness or accident. It is important to keep these details up to date rather than risk delays if telephone numbers are out of use or the person listed has moved. Current details will speed up the process of getting help and support for the ill or injured traveller or for arranging a flight back, and are crucial in the event of loss of life.

Use the ruler to draw a neat inked line through the original names and telephone numbers. The emergency contacts page is on the inner back flap of a British passport.

Write the new details of the emergency contact in the remaining space above the ruled-out original details.

Affix a white self-adhesive address label over the existing next of kin details if there is no further room for corrections. Write in the updated emergency contact details on the label in ink.

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