How to Get a Facebook Icon on Your Taskbar

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your computer's taskbar allows you to pin shortcuts to programs and folders that you use often. You can add a Facebook icon to your taskbar that will open to the Facebook website upon clicking. To do this, you must create a shortcut to the Facebook website and download a Facebook icon image in the .ico file format. Once you have created this shortcut on your taskbar, you can navigate to Facebook from the icon no matter what programs or websites you are using.

Navigate to the Facebook page on your Internet browser and bookmark the page if you don't already have a bookmark.

Open your list of bookmarks, right-click the Facebook bookmark and select "Copy" from the menu.

Minimise your browser window, right-click on your desktop and click "Create Shortcut" from the menu. A new shortcut to Facebook will appear on your desktop.

Download a Facebook .ico image from a site such as Icons Media, Find Icons or Icon Finder. Save this icon to your desktop for future reference.

Right-click the Facebook shortcut on your desktop and click "Properties."

Navigate to the "Web Document" tab and click "Change Icon."

Click browse and navigate to your desktop where you have saved the Facebook .ico file.

Double-click the Facebook .ico file, then click "OK" twice. This will change the shortcut icon to look like the Facebook icon you downloaded.

Close the Properties window and return to your desktop.

Left-click on the Facebook shortcut and drag it to the computer's taskbar to pin it as a new Facebook icon. When you click the Facebook icon, it will automatically launch your browser on the Facebook page.

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