How to Adjust the Bar Chain Oiler on a Stihl 024

The Stihl 024 chainsaw operates with a fully automatic piston driven oil pump. This oil pump begins delivering oil to the bar when the engine reaches a given speed. However, on the underside of the saw, an adjustable screw allows the sawyer to regulate the volume of oil. Different types of lubrication are required for different cutting jobs, cutting techniques, bar lengths and types of woods. Regardless, the chain must always be coated with a film of oil.

Unscrew the cap to the oil tank. Fill the oil tank with the bar and chain oil. Close the oil cap and turn the saw upside down. Locate the oil adjusting screw on the bottom, marked with a drop of oil and a chain link.

Set the screw to "E" for the most economical and versatile setting. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the amount of oil. Turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the oil.

Start the Stihl 024 engine and let it run at a high idle to warm up. Squeeze the trigger completely and move the tip about one or two inches from a piece of wood. Release the throttle and check the wood for a little oil splattered on the surface. You should always see a light coating of oil thrown off.

Turn off the engine and adjust the oiler as needed until the proper lubrication setting is reached.

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