Essential Oils to Repel Hornets

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The largest member of the wasp family, hornets are known far and wide for their vicious appearance and their painful sting. If you live in an area where hornets like to set up their large nests, which are usually found in the hollows of large tree trunks, you may feel like they are a threat to your security and comfort. Make yourself a natural hornet repellent using essential oils to keep hornets and other wasps at bay.

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are the fragrant aromatic compounds of a plant that have been extracted and concentrated by steam distillation. Since many plants are subject to disease from insects, their aromatic essential oils operate as natural insect repellents as part of the plants own defence system. The plant can't run away or put on clothing, so it evolved these compounds as defence mechanisms. You can use these potent defence mechanisms of plants by applying essential oils to our clothing as natural insect repellents.

Essential Oil for Hornets

Citronella oil is one of the mostly commonly used essential oils for insect repellents as is the closely related lemon grass. These essential oils contains powerful citrus like aromatic compounds that are unattractive to many insects. Strong smelling tree essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil are also strongly repellent to insects, as the trees use them to stop insects from eating their wood. Fragrant flower oils, like lavender and geranium are also very useful for repelling insects, and are frequently used to disinfect things naturally.

Blending Oils

Most herbalists agree that blends of essential oils are more powerful than single oils by themselves because you are working with a broader spectrum of plant compounds. This spectrum works to create more complex activity and can repel insects more effectively than a single essential oil. To make an effective hornet repellent with essential oils, the best strategy is to combine three or four highly potent oils into one master blend.

Making the Blend

To make a natural hornet repellent based on essential oils, combine ten to twenty drops of three or four different oils into a spray bottle and add 473ml of vodka. Always shake the bottle before using and do not apply directly to the skin with out patch testing for allergic activity first. Use the essential oil repellent directly on clothes and be sure to reapply when in the presence of hornets.

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