How to transfer a number from phone to phone

Having a mobile or home phone provides friends, family and employers a convenient way to reach you. Periodically, you may wish to transfer your current phone number to a different phone or to a different location. Regardless of whether you are using a traditional home phone or a cell phone, transferring your phone number is possible. Depending on whether you are transferring a home or cell phone, however, there may be a time lapse in between the time the number is transferred. For example, it may take several days to transfer a home phone number to a new location.

Switch the SIM card from two different cell phones if both phones are used on the same network. For example, if you purchased a new phone to use with your current number, you do not need to call the service provider to switch phones. Simply remove the SIM card from the old phone by removing the battery compartment and sliding out the SIM card. Insert the card into your new phone and power on the device.

Contact your current cell phone provider if you are switching your cell phone number to a different provider. Request the amount of time you have on your contract and the cancellation fee that you will be charged if you cancel during the contract period. Visit your new provider's retail location to complete the port process. Bring your current bill and phone with you. Be prepared to select a new plan and to pay the first month's bill, along with the cost of a new phone. Typically, you will receive a discount for signing a yearly or two-year contract with the new provider.

Port your phone number from your old home or office location to your new home or office location. To complete the port, you merely need to call your current phone company and say that you would like to transfer your current home phone number to a new address. Be sure to tell the customer service agent when you will be moving to the new address and when the port process should be ideally complete. In return, the agent will tell you how long it will take to turn off your current line and activate the line at the new address.

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