The Best Way to Steam a Bridesmaid Dress

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You want your friend's wedding day to be perfect, but you've just discovered that your bridesmaid dress that you thought had been packed perfectly for the occasion has some wrinkles. There are several ways to remove wrinkles from fine fabrics, depending on the material of your dress and the colour.

However, it's safest not to use steam irons or spray-on products, as these can stain or shrink the fabric. Instead, use the tried-and-true method of steam from your shower to steam away any wrinkles in your bridesmaid dress.

Handle your bridesmaid dress with care. Hang it on a plastic or cloth hanger high enough so the dress hangs freely and does not touch the floor of the bathroom.

Turn the shower on to hot and close the shower curtain. Ensure that no water escapes the shower and can touch the dress.

Close any windows in the bathroom and leave the exhaust fan off. Close the bathroom door to capture the steam. The water vapour should take out even the most stubborn creases.

Leave the bathroom door closed for 15 minutes. If there are only minor creases, you can check every five minutes. Turn off the water and smooth out the dress by hand.

Inspect the dress carefully. If any wrinkles are still present, repeat the process for a few minutes at a time.

Allow the dress to air out in another room until it is completely cool. Hang it carefully in a closet so it is not pressing up against anything that could crease it.