How to get wrinkles out of new curtains

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New curtains can really dress up a window. Curtains also offer privacy and keep out sunlight. When you buy a new set of curtains, however, they usually come wrinkled. Crease marks develop from being folded and packaged, and are an unfortunate part of buying new window treatments.

Removing wrinkles from new curtains doesn't have to be a challenge. There are few techniques you can try to get the wrinkles out. When you finally hang up the wrinkle-free curtains, you'll love the result.

Heat in the dryer. Take your curtains out of the packaging. If they are machine washable, put them in the dryer with a damp cloth for 10 minutes. The combination of heat and moisture will smooth out the curtains. When you take them out of the dryer, hang them immediately to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Use wrinkle-release spray. Another option is to buy a wrinkle-release spray and use it on the curtains. The spray is designed to help fold marks disappear. Make sure you have a spray that will not put marks on the fabric. You can make your own wrinkle-release spray by mixing 15 ml (½ ounce) of rubbing alcohol, 30 ml of liquid fabric softener, and 390 ml of water into a plastic spray bottle. Always test a small part of the fabric first to make sure it won't stain the curtains.

Steam clean them. For this technique, you'll want to go ahead and hang up your curtains. Read the manufacturer's label to make sure you can safely steam clean the fabric. If your curtains are machine washable, you should be able to safely steam them. Follow the directions to operate the hand-held steam cleaner. Be sure to keep the windows closed to prevent dust and debris from gathering.

Steam them in the bathroom. If you are hanging your curtains on a bathroom window, you will find that after a few showers the humidity in the air will help smooth out the wrinkles. This technique can also be tried if you don't own a steam cleaner but want to try the steaming technique.

Hire a professional. If you have many windows with new curtains or high windows that are hard to reach, hire a professional to steam clean them for you. If you need your carpets steam cleaned, you can often get wrinkled curtains done at the same time.

Let them hang. If all else fails, put your curtains on the windows and the creases will smooth out over time. The longer your curtains are left hanging, the more the wrinkles will come out on their own.