How to block someone on Zoosk

Image courtesy of Zoosk.

Zoosk is a free online dating site that can be used to find local singles. After creating an account, you're given access to a database of profiles that you search to find someone with whom you're compatible. If you're being harassed, bothered or don't want someone to contact you for whatever reason, you can block that person. There are two methods to accomplish this depending on whether that person has contacted you or not.

Existing contact

Access your Zoosk box.

Click on the message sent by the person you want to block.

Click "Block User" at the bottom of the message. This will add the user to your block list.

Block any user

Access the user's profile by clicking on their name in your inbox or in a search result.

Click "Report This Profile" on the bottom of their profile.

Enter the reason you're reporting someone. You can either type the reason you want to block then, or simply type, "I want to block this user." Reporting someone automatically adds them to your block list.

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