How to Replace the CMOS Battery on a Compaq NC6000 Laptop

The Compaq NC6000 is a notebook computer designed for business and personal use. The NC6000 contains a CMOS battery that powers the part of the motherboard that saves basic hardware settings. If the CMOS battery wears out, the computer will fail to keep the correct time and CMOS settings will reset. Replace the battery with a new one to keep the Compaq NC6000 working properly.

Turn the NC6000 off. Turn the notebook over so the bottom is facing up. Push the battery release latch toward the back of the computer to unlock the battery. Pull the battery pack out of its slot on the side of the notebook.

Remove the two screws on the bottom of the notebook located near the middle of the unit. Turn the notebook over so the top is facing up. Open the lid.

Slide the keyboard release tabs along the top row of the keyboard toward the front of the keyboard. Lift the back edge of the keyboard up and forward.

Disconnect the keyboard cable attached to the motherboard. Set the keyboard aside.

Lift up the memory shield toward the right to unhook it. The memory shield is an L-shaped metal cover over the memory modules.

Close the notebook. Turn the computer upside down. Position it so the rear panel is facing you. Remove the two screws along the back of the bottom panel that secure the switch cover.

Turn the notebook over so it is right-side-up. Open the notebook. Lift the switch cover up from the middle to unhook it. Set the switch cover aside.

Push the keyboard plate toward the rear of the notebook. The keyboard plate is a metal assembly located on the right side of the open notebook. Lift the plate straight up to remove it from the computer.

Unhook the cable leading from the fan to the computer on the right side of the unit. Remove the two small screws holding the fan down. Lift the fan out of its compartment.

Remove the four small screws holding the heat sink down to the computer. The heat sink is located directly to the left of where the fan was connected. Lift the heat sink out of the notebook.

Close the notebook lid. Turn the computer over with the rear panel facing you. Remove the four screws along the left edge and the four screws along the right edge of the bottom panel. Remove the three screws in the centre of the bottom panel.

Turn the computer over so it is right-side up. Lift the top cover up to unhook it from the motherboard. Disconnect the cables that are still connected from the top panel to the motherboard. Set the top cover aside.

Lift the CMOS battery out of its compartment on the underside of the top cover.

Insert a new CMOS battery into the compartment. Reverse the previous steps to reassemble the NC6000 notebook.

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