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How to Smoke a Mini Cigar

Updated March 23, 2017

Mini cigars are small cigars not much larger than a long cigarette. Top mini cigars are made from the same quality tobacco used to make full-sized cigars. The smaller cigars are perfect for cigar smokers who want to step outside for a smoke break during work but don't have the time to smoker a big cigar. Some large cigars contain so much tobacco that it takes 30 minutes to an hour -- or more -- to smoke the cigar. Mini cigars, in contrast, are suited for quick smokes lasting eight to 10 minutes.

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Cut the end of the cigar using a cigar cutter. A cigar cutter is a small device equipped with one or two blades. Cigars are shipped with one end exposed for lighting while the other end typically requires clipping to puff the smoke. Some cigar smokers without a cutter improvise by using their teeth to carefully bite off the cap, the part that comprises the end of the cigar.

Use matches or a lighter with butane fuel to light the cigar. Butane lighters, which are often disposable, are usually available where cigarettes are sold. While butane gas is relatively odourless, lighters using petroleum-based fuel can impart an odour that creates an aftertaste in the cigar.

Puff on the cigar during the lighting process. A mini cigar should require just a few puffs to light.

Smoke the cigar in puffs while blowing smoke out through the mouth. Like other cigars, the smoke from mini cigars is not usually inhaled. Continue puffing the mini cigar until finished.


Mini cigars are smaller than larger cigars but contain similar health risks, including oral cancer and lung cancer. The National Cancer Institute reports cigar smokers who smoke cigars daily face the greatest risk.

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