How to Make X-Bar Symbol in Word

The x-bar symbol is a stylised lower case "x" with a flat line above it. In statistics, this symbol represents the mean of a set of numbers. Arrive at a mean by adding together all the numbers in a group and dividing by the number of items in that group. For example, the mean of 5, 7 and 9 is 7 because (5 + 7 + 9) / 3 = 7. You can represent a mean with an x-bar in a Word document in just a few steps.

Open a new or existing document Microsoft Word.

Click to place the cursor in the spot where you want the x-bar symbol to appear.

Press "Ctrl" + "F9." A grey box enclosed in brackets appears.

Click in-between the two brackets.

Type or paste the following: EQ \O(x,¯)

Click anywhere outside the box.

Click Office button, then "Print" and "Print Preview."

Close the Print Preview. The x-bar symbol appears in place of the grey box.

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