How to Reset BIOS on an HP Pavilion DV6000

The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion DV6000 is part of HP's line of entertainment-focused notebook computers. The DV6000 uses a basic input/output system, or BIOS, to regulate basic hardware settings and functions.

The BIOS relies on a small battery connected to the motherboard to save its settings when the computer is turned off. Remove the battery temporarily to reset the BIOS back to its factory settings.

Turn the DV6000 computer off. Turn the unit over so the bottom is facing up.

Remove the two small screws that hold the memory module cover in place. Lift up the side of the cover that the screws connect to. Swing the cover to the right to disconnect it. Set the cover aside.

Pull up the battery cable connector to unhook it from the motherboard. Leave the battery cable connector disconnected for at least 30 minutes.

Connect the battery cable connector back into its socket.

Replace the memory module cover. Replace the two screws that hold the cover in place.