How to Make Headphones Last Longer

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Headphones are not just audio devices used for listening to music; headphones affect the quality of the sound produced by a CD or MP3 player. Whether you purchase £6 or £65 headphones, you must care for your headphones in order to continue to enjoy the best quality sound. Dust, liquid and heat can damage headphones; even mishandling the cords can ruin a good pair of headphones.

Keep your headphones away from any liquids, such as coffee, water or juice. Any spilt liquid into the head buds or even onto the wires can permanently damage the headphones. If you wear your headphones to the gym, ensure that no sweat gets into the head buds or drips onto the auxiliary port of the CD or MP3 player.

Avoid leaving your headphones near hot areas or near objects that produce heat. Ensure that you do not leave your headphones inside your car, near microwaves, ovens or in an area that is being hit directly by the sun. The heat will damage both the internal wiring and the subwoofers found inside.

Cover your headphones with a protective case or pouch. Dust is often the main reason why headphones start to malfunction. By placing your headphones inside a case or pouch, you will eliminate the likelihood of dust entering the head buds.

Clean your headphones regularly. Using a Q-tip, brush away any dirt, make-up, grease or oil that gets trapped on the head bud.

Wind the cords, but not too tight, as this will cause the silicon wiring to tear after heavy usage. When you store the cords, ensure that they are not tangled or creased as this will also damage the wiring. Wrap the cords around your hand to create a proper wrap to store the headphones.

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