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How to find my exact birth time

Updated April 17, 2017

We live in an age and society that is fanatical about keeping records. Thanks to this cultural obsession if you were born in a hospital in the United States in the mid twentieth century or beyond, it is more than probable your exact birth time is documented on an official record somewhere. Whether you are looking to get your astrological chart done, or you need the information for some other reason, the odds of finding your exact birth time are in your favour.

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  1. Look on your birth certificate. The exact time of birth is often recorded on a child's birth certificate. While short-form birth certificates may not always list the time of birth this does not mean that the information was never recorded. Nor does it mean that the information is not documented on your birth certificate. If your time of birth is not listed on your short-form birth certificate, check the long-form of your birth certificate. If you do not have a copy of your long-form birth certificate you can order it from the Vital Statistics office in the city, county, or state where you were born.

  2. Contact the hospital where you were born to request a copy of your birth records. Hospitals are required to produce and maintain several types of birth records as part of the standards hospitals must meet for licensing and accreditation purposes. Many of these records (which include labour and delivery logs and medical records on the infant and mother) document the child's time of birth.

  3. Check family records such as family Bibles, birth announcements, baby books, baby spoons and other engraved mementos, old family letters written around your birth date, and old diaries. Your time of birth may have been documented in these keepsakes. While family records are generally not considered as reliable as official government records, time of birth documented on these types of family records are more than likely trustworthy because your family probably recorded the information very close to your birth day. The event was still very fresh in your family members' minds.

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