How to Track Your Ordered Car

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Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting and rewarding experience. Finding a vehicle is not an easy process, and requires many hours of researching different cars, negotiating the price and finally, closing the deal. If you purchase a vehicle that is back-ordered or that is imported from overseas, you may have to wait until the vehicle is delivered to your local car dealership. Car dealers facilitate the process of tracking your vehicle by providing you with the necessary information to follow the movement of your car.

Obtain your vehicle identification number (VIN) from your dealer. Each car has a unique VIN that can be used for tracking.

Call the dealer who sold you the vehicle. For domestic orders, ask the dealer the status of your order, using the VIN as a reference. Your dealer will call the transportation company and report back to you with the exact location. For imported vehicles, ask the dealer for the vessel information for the ship that your car is moving on.

Log on to the www.marine to track the vessel that is transporting your shipment. Enter the vessel name to find out detailed information on the voyage, including weather conditions that may delay your order.

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