How to write a declaration letter

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A letter of declaration is used to declare something or to verify that the recipient understands a particular issue. A letter of declaration has a format similar to any other formal letter.

Sometimes formal letters like a declaration letter may need to be sent via certified mail or the signature must be signed in ink in case it may be used for legal purposes later.

List your contact information on the left margin of the page. Your contact information may include your name, address and phone number. Leave one space and type the date you are writing the letter.

List the name of the recipient, as well as her address and Postcode. Greet the recipient by her first and last name or last name only.

State the reason for the declaration letter. For example, the first paragraph should explain the declaration you are making. It should be approximately one to two sentences.

Provide further details of the declaration/intention. For example, if you are declaring a promotion write one to three sentences to list the top reasons why you deserve the promotion.

Reiterate your declaration and also provide next steps for the recipient to respond to your declaration. For example, if requesting a promotion mention a time for you all to physically sit down and discuss the promotion, including details regarding your availability.