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How to Increase the Sound of a Doorbell That Rings

Updated April 17, 2017

Doorbells that can't be heard properly can be annoying, causing missed packaged deliveries and friendly visits. Some doorbells come with volume controls, meaning you can increase or decrease to suit your needs. In most cases, however, doorbell volume is fixed, meaning it might be less audible in some rooms. You can purchase a doorbell extender, which increases the range and efficiency of your doorbell.

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  1. Purchase a doorbell extender. These are usually available from major hardware stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot. The devices can extend the range your doorbell volume covers. Doorbell extenders are designed to be linked to your current bell rather than replacing it.

  2. Speak to a sales assistant in the store to ensure you are getting the right kind of extender. Doorbell extenders come with different features and different ranges, so the size of your home is an important factor when deciding. The type of bell sounds available and expense might also be factors.

  3. Switch off the fuse or circuit that powers your doorbell. Circuit boards can normally be found in the cellar or in a kitchen or hallway cupboard. Test your doorbell once the power is off, as accessing wires on a live doorbell might result in electric shocks.

  4. Pull out the two wires connected to the base of the doorbell and use a screwdriver to pry away the doorbell casing. Loosen the screws that are attached to the chime box, making sure you don't damage the wires in the process.

  5. Attach the connectors of the doorbell extender beneath the screws. The connectors usually have a forklike shape and are red in colour. Restore power to the circuit or fuse. You can now place the extender unit anywhere in your house to increase the range your doorbell covers.

  6. Install a wireless doorbell if you are still suffering from doorbell volume problems. These doorbells are powered by batteries and normally have an adhesive back to stick to your door or wall outside. Attach the main plug-in unit to any wall outlet in any room and the doorbell sound will come from here. You can also have multiple plugs linked to a single bell if desired.

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Things You'll Need

  • Doorbell extender
  • Screwdriver

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