How to Make an Ascot From a Tie

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

An ascot is a classic piece of men's formalwear that is worn in place of a necktie. The ascot is wider than a necktie and tied in a large, puffy knot. The ascot is worn above the shirt collar rather than underneath like the tie. You can tie your necktie into an ascot for a similar look.

Fold the necktie in half to find the middle. Place the middle of the tie against your throat with each of the loose ends over your shoulders and hanging down your back.

Bring the end of the tie that's over you left shoulder around the back of your neck and over your right shoulder. The length of tie should drape over your right shoulder and onto your chest.

Move the piece of tie on your right shoulder around the back of your neck and bring it over your left shoulder so both ends of the tie are on your chest.

Lift both ends of the tie and pass the wider end over the narrower end to make an "X" shape. Pass the wider end up through the gap between your neck and the "X" shape.

Pull the wider end of the tie through hole until it is snug but not tight. Spread out the fabric so it covers the narrower piece underneath. Tuck both ends into your shirt and fluff up the knot slightly to make it puffier.

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