How to Get Italian Channels on Sky Digital

Sky Digital is the digital satellite radio and television service in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The standard free channels that come with this digital television service are only broadcast in English.

If you speak Italian or just want to watch some Italian programming, it is possible to view Italian channels on Sky Digital in the UK. This is because Sky also has a service in Italy, called Sky Italia.

Press the "Menu" button and select the "Language" menu on your Sky Digital remote. On this menu, you can select your preferred language as "Italian," which will change the sound on the sports and news channels. If you do not want to have to pay extra for the Italian channels, this is how you can get some of the channels in Italian instead of English.

Call Sky Digital using the phone number listed for subscribers on your most recent statement. Request to add the Italian platform to your subscription. Pricing and channel selection varies for this depending on current specials. The Italian platform includes only sports and news channels and does not include any movie channels or other Italian-specific channels.

Move your Sky dish to 13 degrees east to gain access to Sky Italia programming. This includes RAI Due, RAI Med, RAI Uno, RAI Med, Camera dei Deputati, Italia 1, TelePace, Canale 5, RAI News 24, Senato Italiano, RAI Mosaico and Rete 4. The Sky Italia channels do blackout during live sports events. These channels are free-to-air channels, which means you do not have to pay for them if you can get your dish to pick them up.