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Instructions for the Omron Walking Style II

Updated March 23, 2017

The Walking Style II is a pedometer made by Omron Healthcare. In addition to recording the distance you have walked, the Omron Walking II tracks the approximate number of steps and calories burnt. However, the Omron must be properly configured before you begin your walk. Once you get it set up, it will accurately record the details of your stroll.

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  1. Remove the screw from the Omron's rear cover with the small screwdriver that came with the package. Pull the rear cover off to view the battery compartment.

  2. Insert the supplied lithium battery into the battery holder. The "+" symbol should face up.

  3. Replace the rear cover. Insert and tighten the screw using the screwdriver.

  4. Push the "System Reset" button to activate the Omron Walking II.

  5. Stand in a spot and place a marker (any object will do) on the ground next to your feet. Grab another object and hold it in your hand.

  6. Walk 10 steps as you normally would. Set the second object down after you've taken 10 steps.

  7. Measure the distance between the two objects.

  8. Divide the distance between the two objects by 10 to determine your typical stride length. For example, if you walked 4 meters, you would divide 4 by 10. Your average stride length would be 0.4 meters.

  9. Push and hold the "Set" button for two seconds to enter the programming menu. Push the "Memory Up" button to adjust the system clock's hour. Stop pushing the button when the hour is correct. Tap "Set" to set the hour.

  10. Push the "Memory Up" button to set the clock's minute. Push "Set" to set the minute. You'll now be directed to the weight screen. Push "Memory Up" to set your weight. Push "Set." The next configuration is for your stride.

  11. Push "Memory Up" to set your stride. You'll need to enter the distance in centimetres. If you are unsure of the distance in centimetres, use the distance conversion tool.

  12. Push "Set" to set the stride length. The system will now accurately record your steps and approximate caloric expenditure.

  13. Attach the Omron's clip to your belt or waistband. Begin walking. The system will now correctly monitor your walk. View the display screen to find out the calories burnt, the distance and the number of steps.

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver (supplied)
  • Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Tape measure

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