Instructions for a Casio DF 120TE

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The Casio DF-120 is an inexpensive, lightweight desktop calculator that is perfect for performing basic calculations. The calculator supports up to 12 digits and can save exchange rates and tax rates to memory for simple calculation. The DF-120 is powered by solar energy and comes with an included backup battery for nighttime use. You can program several numbers into the DF-120, including four standard numbers, four recallable exchange rates, and a recallable tax rate.

Tilt the calculator at an angle by extending the kick stand on the bottom of the device.

Press the AC button to turn the calculator on. The calculator will automatically power off when you stop using it.

Use the 12 light grey number keys to input numerical values. Use the plus, times, divided by, minus, per cent and positive/negative buttons to perform operations on the numbers that you enter. Press the equals key to complete a calculation after you have entered all numbers and operators.

Press the red C button to clear an entry when you are performing an operation. If you want to clear all currently stored operations press the AC button. If you want to delete the last digit or operation entered, press the right arrow button.

Save a number to memory by sliding the switch on the upper-right side to "4," "3," "2" or "1" and pressing the M+ button. Slide the switch to the appropriate switch setting and press the MRC button to recall the saved number. Press the M- button to delete the saved number.

Switch to exchange rate mode by press the M/EX button. When you are in exchange rate mode the letters EXCH will appear at the top of the display. Type in an exchange rate and press the M+ button to save an exchange rate to the currently selected switch number. Press MRC to recall an exchange rate or press M- to delete a saved exchange rate.

Press the TAX+ button when in EXCH mode to save the currently displayed number as a recallable tax rate. Press the TAX+ button when in standard mode to recall the saved tax rate. Press the TAX- button to delete the saved tax rate.

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