How to Uninstall a Cobra Car Alarm

When working properly, Cobra car alarms protect your car and its contents from theft and damage. When a triggering event such as a break-in occurs, the alarm emits a loud and continuous noise to alert you of the incident. Available warning noises include sirens, voices and your car's horn. In some cases, car alarms can breakdown, providing no protection or annoying your neighbours by constantly going off for no reason. Before replacing your malfunctioning car alarm, you must uninstall the old Cobra alarm.

Turn the motor off and remove the keys from the ignition. Open the hood and remove the negative cable from the battery with the adjustable wrench.

Open the driver door and find the cover on the bottom of the dashboard. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cover to the dashboard. Set the cover aside and locate the black plastic alarm module. The module will have an antenna on the far end. Cut all clips or fasteners holding the module in place. Remove it carefully from under the dash, so you do not damage your car wiring.

Locate the two large alarm wires that are spliced into the ignition wire. Use the wire cutter to disconnect the alarms wires from the ignition. Connect the ignition wire to the ignition terminal using the wire crimps, making sure the crimps are secure. If the ignition crimps are loose, your car may not start.

Use the wire cutters to disconnect the alarm's black wire from the dashboard internal compartment. This removes the alarm connection to the battery.

Locate the alarm wire connected to the headlight circuit and disconnect the wire from it. Reconnect the headlight wires and wrap electrical tape around the new connection. Repeat the same process for alarm connections to the horn, interior lights and door locks.

Remove the alarm from inside the car. All alarm wires should be disconnected at this point.

Reconnect the negative cable to the battery, tighten with the wrench and close the hood.

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