How to block a number from calling your mobile

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An ex-girlfriend or boyfriend keeps calling. Telemarketers won't take the hint. Classmates are bullying your child. These are all good reasons to block phone numbers from calling a mobile phone. Take action to protect yourself or family members from harassment by contacting the Telephone Preference Service or your mobile phone provider or by purchasing number blocking products. You don't have to suffer through the harassment and can put an end to the unwanted phone calls.

Keep telemarketers from calling your mobile phone by adding your number to the Telephone Preference Service. The TPS is funded by the direct marketing industry and they pledge not to call you if you are on the opt-out list. (see Resources). You can't block numbers that your have permitted in writing to call you or businesses that you have an existing relationship with.

Contact your mobile phone provider if you are receiving harassing phone calls. You may need to file a police report in order for your provider to block a number. Some providers will block a number if a subpoena is issued. If you have a child with a mobile phone, your provider may have options to block numbers from calling or texting your child.

Check your mobile for built-in blocking tools. The owner's manual will tell you if your mobile is equipped to block numbers. Smartphone users can look up applications that can block unwanted phone calls. The Android Market and Blackberry App World both offer more than 100 applications to block unwanted phone calls. Check your smartphone's application store to download an application.

Purchase the Caller ID Manager to block unlisted numbers, area codes and prefixes. The device is available through Privacy Corps. You can program the Caller ID Manager to send unwanted calls to your voice mail, ignore numbers without your phone ringing or block up to 175 numbers. Digitone also sells devices to block unwanted calls from any country code or area code or from telemarketers.

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