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How to Troubleshoot the Carl Lewis Treadmill

Updated April 17, 2017

Carl Lewis is a company that produces a small line of treadmills, one of which is the MOTY5 treadmill. This model is coloured silver and boasts a 2 horsepower motor and an LCD display screen that features 12 preset training modes. Similar to most treadmills, Carl Lewis treadmills require regular maintenance. By taking note of the most common problems experienced by treadmill users, you should be able to solve whatever problems your treadmill is posing.

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  1. Adjust the belt on your Carl Lewis treadmill by using the hex key that came with your treadmill if the belt is slipping or squealing. As a rule of thumb, the belt is most likely slipping if it is too loose and squealing if it is too tight.

  2. Use your hex key to turn the adjustment bolts on either side of the rear roller in 1/4-inch clockwise increments to tighten the belt if it is loose.

  3. Use your hex key to turn the adjustment bolts on either side of the rear roller in 1/4-inch counterclockwise increments to loosen the belt if it is squealing. Experiment with different adjustments until the belt is operating smoothly.

  4. Replace the belt entirely if the above steps do not solve the problem. Replace the belt by removing all screws on the motor hub and sliding off both of the front and rear rollers. Then, slide the old belt off and replace it with the new one.

  5. Find the "Reset" button on the display of your Carl Lewis treadmill and reset your machine if you're experiencing problems with any of the preset programs or LCD display errors.

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Things You'll Need

  • Treadmill belt
  • Hex key
  • Phillips head screwdriver

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