How to Reset Swiss Luggage Locks

The Victorinox Swiss Army luggage lock is a Transportation Security Administration-approved Travel Sentry lock. Travel Sentry-approved locks allow TSA officials to open and then relock the lock after inspection. The Swiss Army luggage lock features a three-dial combination that you can reset at any time by activating the reset mechanism.

Use the dials on your Swiss Army luggage lock to enter your current three-digit combination. If you have never set the luggage locks, the default combination is "0-0-0." Pull the lock's shackle up to unlock the luggage lock.

Rotate the lock shackle 180 degrees.

Push down on the shackle and hold.

Use the dials to input the new combination you want to use. While inputting the new combination, continue to hold the shackle down.

Rotate the shackle back to its locking position and lock the shackle by pushing down. You have now reset your Swiss Army luggage lock.

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