The Best Way to Clean an Outside Wooden Fence

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A wooden fence adds charm and privacy to your home, but there's no doubt the fence will get dirty over time. Whether the fence is plagued with dirt and mud, or stained with algae and mildew, cleaning it is necessary to maintain the wood's appearance.

Although there are several commercial products you can use to clean a wooden fence, you can save some money by using a common laundry room staple: oxygen bleach.

Fill a clean, empty garden sprayer with a mixture of one part oxygen bleach and two parts water. Thoroughly coat the entire wooden fence with the mixture.

Allow the bleach mixture to sit on the fence for about 20 minutes, then add more of the mixture and scrub the fence with a stiff scrub brush.

Rinse the fence thoroughly from the top to the bottom with water from the hose until all the bleach mixture is off. For heavily soiled wooden fences, rinse off the bleach solution with a power washer. Use the widest spray tip, and hold the nozzle at least 12 inches away from the surface of the fence.

Allow the wood to dry completely. Go over any remaining dirty spots with the scrub brush and bleach mixture, then rinse it off with clean water.