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How do I Change the UV Lamp in a Hozelock Cyprio 2000?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Cyprio Bioforce 2000 is a pressurised pond filtration system manufactured by the UK-based company Hozelock, which makes a range of gardening and related products. It features a UVC (Ultra-Violet Clarification) system which keeps pond water clean and clear by killing micro-organisms with ultraviolet radiation. Hozelock recommends changing the UV bulbs in UVC-equipped filtration systems every 12 months for the best results.

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  1. Put on rubber gloves.

  2. Open the seven plastic clips around the outer rim of the unit.

  3. Lift out the "head" of the unit.

  4. Set aside the "body" of the unit.

  5. Remove the screw that secures the white plastic "vortex" guard.

  6. Rotate the vortex guard about 90 degrees counterclockwise and lift it away.

  7. Remove the screw that secures the clear quartz guard around the bulb.

  8. Rotate the quartz guard about 90 degrees and lift it away.

  9. Pull out the old UV lamp bulb and discard it.

  10. Match the brass connectors on the new bulb to the terminals in the socket.

  11. Insert the new bulb. It will snap into place.

  12. Re-insert the quartz guard and turn it clockwise so that the screw holes line up.

  13. Screw the quartz guard's securing screw into the screw hole.

  14. Re-insert the vortex guard and turn it clockwise so that the screw holes line up.

  15. Screw the vortex guard's securing screw into the screw hole.

  16. Coat the sealing o-ring with silicone grease.

  17. Place the o-ring around the bottom edge of the unit's head.

  18. Insert the head into the unit's body, matching the clips on the body to the slots on the head.

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Things You'll Need

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Silicone grease
  • Rubber gloves

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