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How to make Ancient Egyptian jewellery for a school project

Updated April 17, 2017

The Ancient Egyptians loved to use gold for jewellery, statues and architecture. If you want to make simple Ancient Egyptian style jewellery, mould the clay imperfectly to give it a "pounded out" look of solid gold. Choose a brilliant gold colour of craft acrylic paint that is labelled "good coverage" or choose an iridescent or metallic acrylic paint. Also choose inexpensive faux stones that are blue in colour, because brilliant blue or turquoise coloured stones were frequently used by the Ancient Egyptians.

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  1. Measure the head for a gold band hair topper, which should be worn similar to a workout head band. Measure around the head in such a way that the gold band will not fall off easily when worn. Measure the wrist for a bangle bracelet that will not easily fall off and measure one or several fingers as well.

  2. Mould your air dry clay into a necklace by making a large partial moon shape and make a hole on each side of the necklace for the gold ribbon. Mould the gold band hair topper to be a flat 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) wide circle. Mould the hair piece, rings and bracelets according to the dimensions you already measured.

  3. Press the blue stones into the clay jewellery to make snug indents. Remove each stone and use a permanent marker to number the back of the stone and mark the corresponding indent in the clay with the same number. Use few or many stones in any pattern you want, but be careful not to change the dimensions of the clay jewellery.

  4. Allow the clay to dry according to the manufacturer's directions. Paint the jewellery gold without painting over the numbered indents in the clay. Match the numbers on the backs of the stones with the numbers in the indents and glue the stones in their correct positions.

  5. Allow the paint and glue to dry thoroughly. Paint hieroglyphics or thin stripe designs on the gold jewellery, and then allow the jewellery to dry again. Thread the gold ribbon through the necklace and tie it on.

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Air dry clay
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Black high-gloss acrylic paint
  • Fine natural bristle paintbrush
  • Gold ribbon
  • Faux blue polished stones
  • Wood glue

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