How to Measure the Size of a Treeless Saddle

western saddle image by Wimbledon from

Treeless saddles represent an interesting alternative to more traditional types of saddles. Unlike a traditional saddle, which uses a fibreglass or wooden tree, treeless saddles are soft, as they are designed to conform to the horse's back.

Many riders feel that this treeless design is more comfortable for both the horse and the rider. But as with any saddle, riders need to make sure they get the right size treeless saddle for their needs. The procedure used to measure a treeless saddle is quite different from the one used to measure a traditional saddle with a tree.

Place the treeless saddle on a sturdy saddle stand. It is easier to measure the saddle when it is sitting on a firm surface.

Locate the point where the pommel, or front of the saddle, and cantle, or back of the saddle, are closest together. This is typically the place where your thigh would rest if you were mounted.

Measure the distance between the pommel and the cantle at the closest point. Add 6 inches to the measurement to get the seat size of the saddle. For instance, if the distance between the pommel and the cantle is 9 inches at the closest point, the seat needs to be 15 inches.