How to Make a Megazord Costume

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Megazord is a heroic humanoid robot in the Power Ranger cartoons. So, it really isn't surprising that it is a popular costume for a dress-up party. It is easy to make the costume with a selection of different sized boxes and some papier-mache to help shape the boxes into the strong, robotic, cuboid body of Megazord.

Use a square cardboard box which is big enough to fit comfortably over a human head. Cut off the bottom end flaps with a craft knife. Mark a small cross in pencil on the front of the box where the eyes should be and draw two rectangles for the eyes with a pencil and ruler. Cut out the rectangles.

Shorten the sides of the head. Draw a horizontal pencil line across the side of the box head from one side to the other, about 2-inches up from the bottom edge. Repeat this on the other side of the head box. Remove the rectangle section from the sides of the box with a pair of scissors.

Shape Megazord's chin. Draw a diagonal line on the front of the box at the bottom left hand corner: Measure 2 inches up the side edge from the bottom and mark with a pencil dot. Then measure along the bottom edge 2 inches in from the side and mark with another dot. Draw a diagonal line from the marked points. Repeat on the right-hand side. Cut along the diagonal lines to remove the square corners to form a chin shape.

Make the Megazord's horns. Take a sheet of paper or thin piece of cardstock and roll into a cone. Do this by taking hold of one corner and rolling it in toward the sheet of paper. Adjust the cone to your required width by tightening or slackening the cone. Glue or tape down the paper seam. Repeat to make another cone. Bend the point of the cones upwards to make the tips of the horns curl. Attach the curled horns to the head with masking tape.

Cover the horned head with papier-mache. Tear 1-inch strips of newspaper or scrap paper and dip into a bowl of wallpaper paste. Apply one or two layers of papier-mache. Put aside and allow to dry overnight.

Paint the head using poster or acrylic paint. Apply the paint with medium to large round art brushes. Use a paint palette to mix colours, if necessary. Work from a photograph of Megazord to help you paint the details.

Gather your boxes for the robot's body. Use a big box for the torso, two boxes of the same size for the shoulder guards, four boxes for the arms, two long, thin boxes big enough to fit the thighs, two big chunky boxes for the lower legs and two shoeboxes for Megazord's feet.

Prepare all the box body parts of the costume. Remove the four opening flaps of the big torso box with a craft knife. Draw a circle, using a plate as a guide, on the other, sealed end of the box. Cut the circle out for the head hole. Draw circles, using a saucer for a guide, at the sides of the box for the arm holes. Cut out the arm holes.

Repeat this method to cut holes out of both ends of the arm and leg boxes. Remember, these holes need to fit the wearer's arms and legs snugly so that they will not fall off. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the limbs at the point where the end of the box will sit. You may wish to use a compass to ensure you are drawing the correct sized circles on the boxes. Cut the circles out.

Glue an old slip-on slipper inside each of the shoeboxes. Cut ankle holes in the shoebox lids directly above the ankle opening of the slipper. Stick the lids onto the shoeboxes using masking tape.

Make the shoulder guards. Cut out two sides of the shoulder box. Remove one long side from the underside of the box and remove the short side panel so that the box can sit snugly over the shoulder. Repeat this on the second box.

Cover and shape all the boxes with papier-mache. Leave to dry overnight. Paint the body parts using a photograph of Megazord as a visual reference.

Wear a black lycra outfit beneath the costume and black leather gloves. Your Megazord costume is complete.