How to Use the PCMCIA Flash Card in a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the COMAND navigation multimedia system feature a PCMCIA card slot. With an additional PCMCIA adaptor, you can insert any memory card to play MP3 music from your computer. This allows you to store several gigabytes of music on a memory card rather than dealing with multiple CDs. The music is then played through the COMAND audio menu.

Purchase a PCMCIA adaptor card. Depending on the type of memory cards you have or want to use, you have several options. You can get a Compact Flash PCMCIA adaptor card, SD adaptor card or even a 6-in-1 adaptor that adapts multiple types of flash media.

Insert your flash memory card into your computer. You may need an adaptor slot for your computer if you do not already have one.

Copy and paste your music files from your computer onto the memory card. Organise them into folders by artist, album or genre so you can quickly find them on your Mercedes. Your Mercedes can play MP3, AAC and WMA audio files.

Insert the memory card into the PCMCIA adaptor.

Insert the PCMCIA adaptor into the PCMCIA slot on the dashboard of your Mercedes.

Turn on the vehicle.

Press the "Disc" button to change the radio to MP3 mode.

Use the "Comand" dial to browse through your media and select a song to play. You can also use the steering wheel-mounted buttons to operate the audio menu while you are driving.

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