How to Remove the Fairing on a Suzuki Bandit

A motorcycle fairing is a protective cover placed in the front that protects the rider and the bike's internal components from the elements and airborne debris. The Suzuki Bandit series comes with a half fairing, or a fairing that only covers the top front of the motorcycle. These are the easiest types of fairings to remove. The Bandit's fairing also keeps the lights and speedometer in place.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew the five screws under the half fairing (two on each side and one in the centre), then remove the three screws on the face of the half fairing.

Hold the front portion of the Bandit's fairing and pull up. This may require a little force at first, but should be easy to move once it is free.

Hold the two side portions and lift them off the Bandit. This will completely remove the half fairing.

Use plastic fasteners to fasten the lights and speedometer in place if you plan to drive the Bandit without any fairing.

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