How to Repair Bose Equipment

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Bose is best known for designing high quality headphones and stereo speakers. However, the company also offers speakers, home theatre systems and other stereo accessories for home and office. The Bose website offers its customer a wide range of resources for repairing Bose equipment. Regardless of what Bose equipment you own, the Bose support centre will walk you through the repair process. Before you know it, you'll being enjoying your Bose system in no time.

Review product manuals. Utilise Bose online support services. Click "Go to product support." Select the "Find it by browsing our product list." Click your product link. For example, choose the AE2 audio headphones. Choose the "Product manuals" tab. Click the "Owner's guide link" and follow the troubleshooting suggestions listed in the guide.

Call Bose technical support. The phone number is 1-800-999-2673. Make sure you know the product make and model, for example, the Bose Wave Radio/CD. Write down the serial number as well. The serial number is 17 digits long and is located on the bottom or the rear panel of your equipment. Tell the technical service representative the problem you're having with your equipment. The representative will give you repair instructions over the phone.

Send an e-mail. Include your name, e-mail address and postcode. Select the product category such as headphones or stereo speakers. Choose the "Troubleshooting/repairs" topic. Describe in detail the problem your experience. Submit your e-mail. In most cases you will receive a response within 5 business days.

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