How to Unlock a Bedroom Door From the Outside

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If you accidentally lock your bedroom door or need to access the bedroom in the event of an emergency, one of two methods will do the trick. Most lock sets for interior doors are designed with a mechanism that allows to door to be unlocked from the outside. The first unlocks doors with rotating locks and uses a small flathead screwdriver to turn the locking mechanism. The second opens lock sets with push-button locks and uses a rigid pin to push a latch that unlocks the door. Either procedure takes just a few seconds to perform.

Locate the small hole in the centre of the outer door knob.

Insert the lock release pin supplied with the lock into the hole. Alternately, a small screwdriver, heavy-duty paper clip or nail will also work.

Push the pin straight into the hole and up against the latch mechanism that releases the lock.

Push firmly on the lock latch mechanism until you feel the latch release. The lock set is now unlocked.

Locate the small hole in the centre of the outer door knob.

Insert a flathead screwdriver small enough to fit into the hole, through the hole in the door knob.

Direct the screwdriver straight into the hole until it stops. Turn the screwdriver carefully, putting pressure on the screwdriver, until the tip of the tool enters a small slot in the lock mechanism.

Rotate the screwdriver while in the slot, counterclockwise. If the lock does not turn, rotate the screwdriver in the other direction. Rotating the screwdriver unlocks the door.

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