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How to Make a Cross Number Puzzle

Updated April 17, 2017

Make a cross number puzzle by utilising puzzle templates that are available in template gallery websites. Cross number puzzles are puzzles that let you solve mathematical problems within the puzzle interface. It is very similar to a crossword puzzle only that the answers are numbers. These cross number templates give you a head start when you make your puzzle. When creating your puzzle, select the website that gives you the features that are important to your cross number project.

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  1. Access the Worksheet Works website (See References). Click the "Cross-Number Puzzle link." Select the size of the cross number puzzle that you want to generate.

  2. Select the type of operation that will be performed in the cross number puzzle. Select the page orientation of the puzzle.

  3. Click "Create Worksheet." A PDF of your puzzle is generated.

  4. Access the Discover Education Puzzle Maker website (See References). Select the "Math Squares" link. Type a title for your puzzle. Enter the size of your puzzle. For example, if you want a 4 x 4 puzzle, type 4.

  5. Select the calculation method for your puzzle and decide whether you want to see instructions displayed on your puzzle. De-select this box if you do not want instructions displayed. Click "Create My Puzzle." The puzzle is created in a new Web browser window.

  6. Use the "Solution" button to see the answer to the puzzle.

  7. Access the Ed Helper website (See References). Select the "Runaway Math Puzzles" link.

  8. Scroll down and locate the nonsubscriber links.

  9. Select one of the three cross number puzzles available. A printable cross number puzzle appears in a new window.

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