How to Wear a Pre-Tied Stock Tie

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Fox hunting and horse shows are two examples of formal equestrian events that require a jockey or rider to wear a stock tie fastened with a pin. The standard stock tie is useful in fox hunting because it may be removed and used as a bandage, sling, tourniquet or headlight reflector. A pre-tied stock tie saves time and the many steps involved in tying a stock tie. If you plan on wearing a pre-tied stock tie for your next fox hunting or equestrian event, make sure it follows your specific dress code rules.

Put on your blouse or shirt.

Grab each long narrow end of your pre-tied stock tie. Place opposing ends in each hand.

Wrap the tie ends around your neck and affix the closure. Common closure types are snaps, buttons or hook and eyelets.

Center the pre-tied stock tie in the middle of your collar.

Put on your jacket. Adjust your tie and collar if necessary.

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