How to Use Rolls of Bamboo Fencing as Wall Covering

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To add an exotic accent to a room, use rolls of bamboo fencing instead of wallpaper as a wall covering. It is lightweight and has a much easier installation procedure than traditional wallpaper. You won't have to deal with messy paste or unruly rolls. Another great benefit is that bamboo fencing is much less expensive than regular wall coverings. In the end, you will have a natural wall covering that hints of nature and tropical climates. Bamboo fencing as a wall covering can add spice to a family room, basement or bedroom, and can enhance a tropical-themed decor.

Measure the wall or walls you want to cover. Purchase enough rolled bamboo fencing to cover the area. The bamboo slats of the fencing will be oriented vertically, so order enough to accommodate this.

Unroll the rolls of bamboo fencing and lay them flat. Cut them to size with a pair of sharp pruning shears. Because bamboo is a plant, pruning shears are appropriate. In addition, the small-gauge wire used to hold the bamboo slats together is also easily cut with pruning shears.

Enlist the help of a friend to hold the bamboo fencing up to the walls you want to cover. Staple it in place, using a staple gun. Place the staples 10 to 12 inches apart in columns, starting at one edge of the fencing. The staple columns should be approximately 3 feet apart. If the fencing sags between columns, simply add another column of staples. If the bamboo fencing is light enough, you can use tacking glue to attach it to the wall. On the other hand, if the bamboo fencing is made of large-diameter bamboo canes, you may need to install strips of wood every few feet on the wall and screw the fencing to the strips. Drill pilot holes and use deck screws.

You can finish the bamboo fence wall covering with quarter-round moulding where it meets the floor. You can also finish the top edge of the fencing with half-round moulding. Stain the moulding a contrasting colour before you install it to add interest and match the room's decor. You can even frame each bamboo fencing panel after it is hung, using half-round moulding. This works well in a large room such as a basement to give the room a cosier feel.

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