How can I get exam results from my old school?

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Retrieving exam results from an old school can be a difficult process. A lot depends on how long ago the exam was taken, what type of exam it was and changes in the school previously attended. Whether you need the exam results for a new job, entrance into another school or are simply curious, getting exam results from your old school requires a certain process that is typically the same for most colleges and high schools.

Call your school. If it is a high school, you will most likely have to contact the main office. If it is a college, you will need to contact the student services office or registrar's office. Universities keep records of financial and academic information in these places. Take into consideration how long ago the exam was taken. Not every school keeps extremely old records.

Explain your situation. First, you want to clarify who you are, what years you attended the school and why you are calling. It is also beneficial to give them your former student identification number, if available. Having as much information as you possibly can will aid the process and make locating the exam files much easier.

Tell the office what exam results you need. Be sure to give them the date or year you took the exam. Note that the older the exam date was, the longer it will take to find those records. Some old exams will not be stored in computers and hence have to located physically by an office worker.

Request a copy of the exam results to be mailed to you. It is also possible to pick it up. If your school no longer exists, you will want to contact the county education board that your school belonged to. If it is a university, you will want to contact the state's education office or the U.S. Department of Education. If it is a standardised test you took, then contact that test's board or office.

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