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How to Measure Mold Spores

Updated February 21, 2017

Mold growth inside your home can drastically lower its value. This is because mould is a type of fungus that will decay your floors, carpets, walls, or anything made of organic material in your home. Once your home begins to grow mould, it can be difficult to remove. Nip mould issues in the bud as soon as you notice them. You can look for visible mould growth in your home or you can purchase a mould spore test kit to determine if you have a higher than normal mould count.

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  1. Open the mould test kit and remove the Petri dishes.

  2. Remove the lids from the Petri dishes.

  3. Pour the mould medium into the Petri dishes. The mould medium will help the mould attach to the Petri dish. The mould medium is included in the test kit.

  4. Put the lid back on gently swirl the dish until the mould medium has coated the entire Petri dish bottom. Let it sit for one hour to harden.

  5. Remove the Petri dish lid and put the Petri dish in the centre of the room where you are testing the mould. Put one in each room you are testing. If your room is very large, place two in the room. Consult your individual test kit to determine the room size requirements for two Petri dishes.

  6. Leave the Petri dish alone according to the test kit's instructions. While each kit will differ, it generally takes one hour to complete the test.

  7. Press the lids back on the Petri dishes. Seal the edges of the dishes with electrical tape and place the dishes in airtight plastic bags.

  8. Mail the Petri dish back to the laboratory. The mailing package and the mailing address are included in the test kit. The laboratory will complete the analysis and tell you how many mould spores are likely in the room. It will also tell you if this is a normal amount or if it's above average.

  9. Tip

    While you can clean and remove mild mould growth in your home, you should hire a professional to remove the mould if the growth is extensive. Install a dehumidifier to help prevent mould from returning.


    Never touch the inside of the Petri dish.

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Things You'll Need

  • Mold test kit

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