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How Do I Fit Conservatory Blinds?

Updated March 23, 2017

Conservatories allow for fantastic opportunities to trap the warmth from sunlight through their vast windows. Despite this benefit, you may face the need to prevent temperatures inside the conservatory from rising too high in the summer months and excessive heat from escaping during the colder winter months. For this purpose, a properly fitting pair of conservatory blinds can serve as a means for temperature control for your conservatory.

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  1. Measure the visible glass area for each window with a tape measure, including the width and drop (length) of each window.

  2. Measure the depth of each window. Place a credit card diagonally across the 90-degree angle of each window corner. Hold the tape measure vertically against the credit card with the tape measure resting on the window glass. Measure the window depth by recording the credit card's placement on the tape measure. For example, a window depth of 0.3 inches means that it is the distance from the glass to the credit card and thus demonstrates the depth from the glass to the frame.

  3. Purchase your conservatory blinds in the appropriate sizes based on your window measurements. When installing your own conservatory blinds, purchasing blinds that are marketed to fit easily into windows can be a better option for fitting them yourself than conservatory blinds that are pleated and secured to the roof frame.

  4. Check your new blinds to see if it is necessary to use a drill to screw them into the window frame itself. Certain brands of conservatory blinds do not require being permanently secured to the window frame, as their brackets slide between the frame and the glass. For blinds requiring you to screw the brackets into the window frame, use the screws provided for the blinds.

  5. Place the brackets at the appropriate points in the window frame. Leave enough clearance at the top and bottom of the window to allow for the successful lowering and raising of the conservatory blinds. Secure the brackets to the window frame in the manner required for your chosen blind.

  6. Affix your conservatory blinds to the newly mounted brackets. When dealing with blinds that have long cords, check to ensure you have the proper brackets or hooks to loop cords around so they do not dangle freely --- especially important when you have small children, as window blind cords are a known cause of strangulation deaths in children.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • Drill

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