How to reglaze velux window

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Velux windows are a pioneer brand of double- or triple-glazed roof windows or skylights manufactured since 1941 by the Danish company of the same name. The toughened and laminated glass panes in these windows provide both thermal and acoustic insulation. The original design of a window mounted on a central pivot allows both sides of the glass to be cleaned and reglazed from the inside of a house. Reglazing is necessary when the window panes break or the seal between the pane and the frame deteriorates. Velux supplies the replacement window and accessories.

Inspect the entire window and determine that you need to replace the glass in the window and not the frame.

Find the Velux serial number for the glass. This should be at the top of the inside pane. Order the replacement unit from a Velux supplier or from the company website. Wait for the replacement to arrive. Confirm that you have received the correct unit on its arrival by ensuring that the original and new windows have the same dimensions.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the original window. Enlist one or two helpers and a ladder depending on the size and height of the window and your personal strength as the windows are heavy. Open the window so it turns 180 degrees and is perpendicular to the sash surround. Unscrew the two holding screws at both sides of the frame. The whole glazing unit should come out easily. Place the unit on the floor.

Unscrew the metal sheets at each side of the glass unit. Unscrew the metal holding frame and unscrew the strip of metal at the bottom of the glass unit. Lift out the glass. Remove all old seals. Use a razor knife for the seal removal if necessary. Clean the metals strips with methylated spirit.

Replace the underlying metal strips on the surround and the new seals on the metal strips. Lift in the new glass. Clean the glass with methylated spirit. Replace the two remaining overlying metal strips and screws. Ensure all screws are tight.

Check to make sure the pivot locking screws on either side of the window sash surround are tightly in place. Lift the window unit back into place. Reopen fully to 180 degrees to ensure that the pivots are in good working condition.

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