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How to Make Your Own Masquerade Ball Invitations

Updated April 17, 2017

Guests at a masquerade ball typically wear a mask to disguise themselves from the other guests. They remain anonymous for a good portion of the ball before revealing themselves. Because a mask is a key component to a masquerade ball, you can design your invitations to feature a mask. You can decorate the masks with glitter or feathers to make them lavish or keep the masks simple by using fewer or less ornate decorations.

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  1. Open your word processing program to a new blank document, and change the paper orientation to the landscape layout. Set the top margin at 4-1/2 (4.5) inches, the bottom at 3/4 (.75) inch and both the left and right margins at 3/4 (.75) inch.

  2. Enter the text for the inside of the invitation on the document. Include all pertinent information, including the day, time and location of the masquerade ball; any RSVP information; and the dress code, so that guests will be dressed appropriately. Choose a font style and size as well as a colour for the printed text, and add bold and italicised features to enhance the text.

  3. Print a sample on blank paper. Verify that the information and text formatting are correct. Make any necessary corrections to the text, margins or layout. Place the notecards into the printer, and print the invitations.

  4. Print a face mask template. Use a copy machine to enlarge or reduce the template to the desired size, if needed. In lieu of printing a face mask template, you can draw one freehand.

  5. Cut out the template. Using the template as a guide, lightly trace the mask onto the coloured card stock with a pencil. You should be able to fit at least two masks on each piece of card stock.

  6. Cut the masks out of the card stock. Cut out enough masks for the needed number of invitations, plus one or two extra in case you make any mistakes or decide to invite additional guests.

  7. Decorate the masks by gluing glitter, feathers and sequins to it and applying self-adhesive gemstones. Let the glue dry completely.

  8. Glue the decorated masks on the front of the invitations.

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Things You'll Need

  • Word processing software
  • 4-1/4-by-5-1/2-inch blank notecards
  • Printer
  • Mask template
  • Coloured card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glitter
  • Feathers
  • Sequins
  • Stick-on gemstones
  • Glue
  • Size A2 envelopes

About the Author

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