How to Hoist a Roof Ladder to the Roof

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Some roofs are steeper than others or have gables that you must climb up to. This makes them difficult to work on and is where the aid of a ladder can help. A roof ladder gives you a way to climb up the steep sides and offers a stable feature that you can hang on to when doing precarious things.

To use the roof ladder, first get it up to the top of the house. Take every safety precaution when working on the roof.

Place a ladder up against the house so that you can climb up on the roof. Stabilise the ladder so that it won't shift while you climb up.

Tie one end of a long rope to the end rang of the roof ladder. The length of the rope needed depends on the height of the house to the roof. Set the roof ladder next to the house ladder.

Climb the house ladder up to the roof and have someone at the bottom securing the ladder as you work your way up. Hold the other end of the rope in your hand. Get up onto the roof and sit down.

Pull up the ladder by the rope. Have the person at the bottom hold the bottom of the roof ladder as long as possible to keep it from swinging.

Pull the ladder up and slide it up to the peak of the roof. Have the hooks of the ladder pointing up. Once you have the ladder up to the peak, flip it over and let it slide down and hook in place on the peak.

Set the roof ladder beside the house ladder that is leaning up against the roof edge. Stabilise the house ladder.

Climb up the ladder until you are close to the top. Have a second person climb up behind you a few rungs from the bottom. Have a third person hold the base of the ladder.

Get the lower person on the ladder to pick up the roof ladder and hoist it toward you. Grab hold of the ladder.

Climb up the ladder to the roof while holding on to the roof ladder. Have the person below climb up the ladder after you holding on to the bottom of the roof ladder.

Climb up onto the roof while the person below stays stationary and leans the roof ladder against the edge of the roof.

Sit on the roof and pull the roof ladder up. Slide it into place near the peak and let it hook over the side.