How to Make Money at Home Assembling Products

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If you have children to look after or have a long-term illness, working a regular office job may not be possible. Assembling products from the comfort of your living room offers flexible working hours and pre-arranged rates of pay, allowing you to work around your other time commitments. You can assemble a variety of products, ranging from children's toys to decorative boxes.

Undertake research. Look on the Internet and ask for recommendations from friends about reputable home assembly companies. Pick the type of product you want to assemble. Examples include dolls, toys, capes and Christmas products. Shortlist the companies based on rates of pay, earning potential and flexibility.

Apply online. Most home assembly jobs do not require you to have any qualifications or experience. Follow the instructions given on the company's website to apply. Typically this involves filling in an online form stating your personal details and the amount of products you can produce per week.

Request product parts. Once you have been accepted by your chosen company you can start requesting product parts. At first, only order enough to assemble one or two completed products a week, until you are sure the job is right for you. You don't want to be stuck paying for excess inventory.

Submit products. Most companies have a restriction on the amount of items you can submit per week. Double-check the guidelines before submitting the items for approval. If the specifications are not met you will not be paid. You normally submit products by mail or a company representative comes to collect them.

Receive payment. Home assembly companies typically pay weekly by cash or online payment. Payments are made in arrears, meaning you will not be paid for your work in week 1 until the end of week 2. Keep a record of the number of items you have submitted to make sure you are paid correctly.

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