How to register Toshiba products

Image by FuFu Wolf; Flickr.

Most people put a lot of thought into their electronics purchases, but then they often forget to fill out the registration form. Registering these products with the manufacturer provides the consumer with a direct way to receive information updates, software upgrades and warranty notifications. It also provides a record in case the product is lost or stolen. Toshiba manufactures a range of electronics, including laptop computers, televisions, digital video recorders and home theatre systems. Consumers who buy Toshiba electronics can register them by post or online.

Identify the product, model and serial numbers. These numbers should be located on the bottom or side of the product. Contact Toshiba's customer service department on 01932 841600 if you cannot find any of the requested identification numbers on your product.

Fill out the registration card that came with your product, and post it back to Toshiba. Confirm that you entered the correct numbers. Most of these identification numbers are long and it is easy to transpose numbers.

Go to the Toshiba registration website, if you prefer, and enter the requested information online (see link in the Resources section).

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