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How to Change the Simulator in "City Bus Simulator 2010" to English

Updated April 17, 2017

German software company Aerosoft's PC simulation title "City Bus Simulator 2010" allows players to simulate the life of a bus-driver in downtown New York City. The game offers realistic recreations of New York and the buses that ferry passengers about town. If you purchased this title in an English-speaking country you may be confused by a lot of the menus and characters being in German. However, an update from Aerosoft fixes this problem, converting all in-game text and speech to English.

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  1. Go to the website in Resources and scroll down to "Download Here." Click this text then select "Save File."

  2. Double-click the downloaded file to bring up a menu which allows you to specify the location of your "City Bus Simulator" game files. By default, this is "C:/Program Files/Aerosoft/." Select your "City Bus Simulator 2010" directory and click "OK."

  3. Click "Select All" and choose "OK" to update your game, fixing all instances of misplaced German language and text.

  4. Tip

    After installing this update, it's advised that you scroll down to the latest game update (at time of this writing -- January 2011 -- this is Version 1.4.1) and install this as well, in the same way as you installed this one. This will add new gameplay features and ensure your game runs as smoothly as possible.

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