How to Find Shoe Inserts for Shoes That Are Too Big

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You walk into a store, see the perfect pair of shoes, then find out the store doesn't carry it in your size.

Instead of going home empty-handed, you can buy the shoes a size too big for your feet, then slide in an insert to help pad your foot against the show, which helps your foot fit comfortably into the new footwear.

Buy an insert that is the same size as the shoe you have. If the insert is designed for a shoe of a different size it will not fit properly. You can find these inserts at stores the sell shoes and at most grocery stores or stores like Target, Walmart and K-Mart.

Slide the insert into the shoe. You may need to push the tip of the insert in completely with your hand, as it often becomes stuck while sliding in.

Insert your foot into the shoe and tie the laces, straps or any other attachment. Your foot now fits correctly into the shoe.